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Attending Body & Soul Senior Fitness has made me more aware of how blessed I am to be healthy and it reminds me that by exercising I can stay that way. As I age I certainly want to stay healthy and keep my mobility. I need to make a dedicated effort to exercise every day. The instructors have done a great job making us aware of simple exercises and techniques that can be done on our own outside of class. I really enjoy class and look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying the fellowship.


I am so proud to teach for such a needed and wonderful non profit. Kathy has a huge heart for helping older adults to stay active and engaged and it truly shows through the work that this organization does. It is such a blessing to see how much the members benefit from participating.


This program is a life saver or at least made my life richer!!! As my joints, muscles and thinking capacity show signs of aging, I realize what Body & Soul Senior Fitness training has done for me. Without it I would be less active, less mentally alert and weaker. I appreciate you all (staff) for what you have made and continue to make available for those of us over (well over!) the age of 50. Thank you so much


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