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The mission of Body & Soul Senior Fitness is to help
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physical activity, social interaction and ongoing education programs.

Tips of the Month:

It is imperative that we maintain flexibility as we get older. Doing simple task like getting in and out of a chairs or carrying items or going up and downstairs can be a struggl. Flexibility and stretches help mitigate pain and increases your confidence.

Here are some exercises that you can do to help with your flexibility. All you need is a chair.

Exercise 1: Lower back and Leg stretch - Stand behind the chair and place hands on chair.  Next step back with both feet. Now bend forward as you lower chest towards the chair. Keep legs straight. This exercise will stretch the hamstring calf and lower body.

Exercise 2: Cat & Cow seated position stretch - Sit in the chair and place your hands behind the chair. Lift chin upwards to open up your chest. Bring hands in front and drop chin towards mid-section and roll your shoulders forwards.   Keep repeating the exercise and make sure you concentrate on inhaling and exhaling as you do the exercise.

Exercise 3: Seated Spinal Twist - This rotational stretch will help you with turning over your shoulders. Place right hand on left knee and turn your body to the left as you try to look over your left shoulder. Repeat the other side.

Exercise 4: Hip and Hand slide – Bend elbows to knees as you sit. Then slide hands down your shins.  Take deep breaths go back to sitting position and repeat.

Exercise 5: Chin to Chest Neck stretch – This neck stretch is a good one. Bend chin to chest and hold breathe in and out. Next lift head up and Breathe.  Drop right ear to right shoulder hold and breathe.  Drop right ear towards right knee. Breathe .  Roll ear back to right shoulder hold and breathe.  Move head back to center position and repeat other side.  

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